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Connect understands women’s healthcare and how important listening to customers is in developing meaningful educational programs that connect physician and patients alike. Key audience targeting ensures that programs are designed to meet participants’ needs and positively impact better patient outcomes. Connect’s comprehensive knowledge of women’s healthcare assures linking the right audience with the appropriate faculty.

Connect’s live-event solutions provide a seamless integration between venues and audience size, to ensure alignment with core strategic program objectives. Pre- and post-event surveys provide behavioral change metrics and insights that can shape future offerings. Momentum from live meetings can be extended through digital reinforcement and interactive platforms, leading to multi-channel program options. Varied media and collateral accommodate different learning styles. US HealthConnect’s most recent acquisition, ReachMD, can help extend any type of program to the most targeted of audiences. ReachMD, which offers clients a large physician and healthcare provider audience, allows for market and messaging penetration and increased share of voice. The multi-platform programs cover target audiences 24/7/365 through satellite, internet, and mobile devices.